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Easy Guide to Play Pachinko in Japan

Pachinko machines are similar to slot machines, except that in pachinko, players shoot balls into the machine, known as ‘pachinko balls’, and hope for them to land on the right spot to win more balls. The ‘pa-chink’ sound that the ball makes which it is launched into the machine is what named this game pachinko.

Play Pachinko

A little bit of history

The game was first introduced in as the pastime for kids in the 1920s until it was reinvented by Masamura Takechi. Takechi installed a complex set up of nails which made the game even more challenging, and people seemed to like it. The first commercial for the machine was out after the Second World War, and people found this fresh type of game interesting enough to bring to their homes.

How to play

The game is easy to play. The only effort that the player has to put is in pulling the level, and the rest will happen on its own. When the player shoots the ball into the machine, it falls down going through nails and several new obstacles introduced to create more outcomes. Once the ball falls in the right sport, the machine gets activated to perform different events, including the jackpot.

The reason why pachinko is additive is its reach. The reach takes place when two of the three results are won, and the player only has to hit the last result to win the jackpot. When the three results occur, the machine gives out more balls. If the player wants to exit the game, they simply have to push the button to exit, and the remaining balls in the machine will be collected in the bucket. You can also enjoy the foods and beverages of the parlour while you are there.

Things to keep in mind

When you are playing pachinko, you can get triggered easily from any distraction as the time passes. You become more and more focused on the game that you forget about the time and your surrounding. This is the reason why there are a few things that you must keep in mind when you plan on visiting a pachinko parlour.

Avoid bringing the company into the parlour. The game is addictive, and you might not find time for your kids or friends once you start playing. It is recommended that you visit the parlour alone, so you do not have to worry about anything else.

You need to get used to smoking as most of the pachinko parlours in Japan allow smoking. If you are allergic to smoking, try to find a parlour where no one bothers with cigarettes.

Do not take the balls out of the parlour and exchange them within a day. Each parlour has their unique balls, and they will straightaway reject your balls if they find anything suspicious. Do not consume alcohol during the games. It can really make you stressed if you do not win for a long time, and your actions might get you kicked out of the place if you are drunk.

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